Many businesses tend to take a reactive approach to maintain their parking lots and feeder roads. Constrained by tight budgets, they will wait till receiving several customer complaints before acting on them. Pavement management services make it easier and cost-effective to look after their paved surfaces.

There are approximately 2.6 million miles of paved roads in the U.S., with 94% of the network on an asphalt surface. Asphalt has a reasonably predictable lifecycle, with the deterioration rate relatively slow over the first 75%, dropping sharply over the last quarter. Businesses may need pavement management services to learn the depreciation rates to keep their pavements in good condition.

Here are three key reasons for hiring a pavement maintenance company.

1. Incredible Cost Savings

An asphalt and concrete paving service facilitator can assist your business save on expensive rehabilitation costs. Regular crack fillings and repairs may save the business thousands of dollars over the long term.

The first three-quarters of a paved surface lifecycle sees a drop of 40% drop in quality. The next 12% of pavement life doubles up the damage, causing another 40% drop. On reaching such critical conditions, the pavement may require expensive reconstruction.

The Hamilton Project’s research shows that every dollar invested in preventative maintenance saves between $4 and $10 in reconstruction costs. Save your business’s bottom line by opting for pavement management services that can help keep your paved surfaces in perfect condition.

2. Prevent Accidents and Resulting Lawsuits

Your parking lot and road infrastructure may take a beating as clients and staff drive in and out of the property. Regular wear and tear may result in cracks and potholes that may cause severe damage to the vehicles. Drivers swaying across lanes to avoid the pothole may lead to collusions.

Pedestrians walking through the poorly maintained lot can trip, fall and injure themselves. It may lead to individuals suing your firm for negligence, resulting in expensive legal proceedings. You can prevent the accidents from occurring through pavement management services to ensure all paved sections are in good condition through timely repairs.

3. Determine The Right Treatment Option

The extent of the damage on the road surface may determine the approach to pavement management. Poor commercial parking lot repair can turn out to be expensive down the road. Crack filling, chip sealing, and patching can help reduce the deterioration rate within your property.

Some priorities need to be looked at before proceeding with your rehabilitation. Some standard levels of treatment include.

  • Patching
  • Fog seals
  • Micro-surfacing
  • Thin-lift overlay
  • Full-depth reclamation and much more

Pavement management services often have engineering experts who can guide you on the right approach to the parking lot menace. Customize project management can help you create a detailed schedule for planned repairs and reconstruction. The technicians will factor in the pavement lifecycle, cost analyses, and pavement management to determine the right type, timing, and maintenance service scope.

All businesses need to keep their parking lots and road networks in good condition. Customized project management enables property managers to effectively plan for constructing, maintaining, and repairing the paved surfaces. Pavement Exchange is a nationwide paving service facilitator connecting businesses to the right contractors for their commercial pavement projects. Contact us to learn how you can transform your parking lot today.