Pavement Exchange Group and its founders, Henry and Mary Miller, developed their company based on the concept of facilitating parking lot solutions for their clients. Paved with Love takes this concept and applies it towards raising funds and supporting causes that are near and dear to the Pavement Exchange family and network.

Paved with Love is much more than a charitable fundraising facilitator. It is the idea that a group of people, a network, and their communities across the country can make a concentrated effort to bring about a positive impact on the world.


Mary Miller and her team formed Paved with Love in the Fall of 2017 as a response to the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Before the hurricane hit, the Preferred Member Partner Group, a nationwide group of elite paving contractors, was scheduled to meet in San Juan. Although initially unsure if the meeting should be cancelled, Mary Miller was moved to support recovery efforts in Puerto Rico as much as possible.

In December of 2017, Mary and the Pavement Exchange Group hosted a Silent Auction to benefit Map International, a global health and relief organization working to provide disaster relief in Puerto Rico. Although this was the first effort of its kind that Mary had undertaken, the event proved a tremendous success due to the generosity of friends, neighbors, and partners.

Since then, Paved with Love has a been a work in progress, but the goal remains the same: Pavement Exchange and their partners aim to utilize their network and resources to support various charitable causes by facilitating donations and fundraising efforts.