Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Transportation show that private vehicles remain the preferred commuter choice in the nation. Two-thirds of Americans prefer to commute to work in their cars, citing convenience as the major reason. However, increased motorized trips around the cities and municipalities can result in parking nightmares.

Customers rank parking spaces as one of the critical factors that affect their choice of the retail store they shop at. Well-maintained parking lots can help create the right impression for your business. You may require pavement management services to help keep your asphalt and concrete paving in top condition.

Here are seven tips that you should keep in mind as you pick out the right pavement maintenance company:

1. Licensure

You may need to work with a licensed pavement maintenance company. An active license acts as proof of the legitimacy of the business. Certifications such as ADA compliance are key to ensuring that your building’s parking lot is up-to-date to avoid costly lawsuits. Besides, ensuring that the pavement management services are ADA-compliant protects your staff, customers, and veterans with disabilities.

2. Work Experience

Asphalt and concrete paving is an intricate process that requires precise design considerations as well as the right mix combinations. Such experience or expertise is built over time. Check how long the pavement management services company has been in operation. Going through their portfolio of commercial paving projects can help you determine if they are the right fit for you. A string of successful projects of a similar size and budgetary scope increases your chances of finding the right company.

3. Qualified Team

You may need to inquire about the paving contractors that will carry out the work. Leaning on the knowledge and expertise of the asphalt maintenance contractor is key to the success of your project. The asphalt and concrete paving service facilitator should help you pick out the right contractors for the job.

4. Quality Materials

Over 90% of parking areas in the United States have an asphalt surface. Asphalt comes in different grades, depending on the percentage of recycled asphalt in the mix. You may need to ensure that the pavement management services company utilizes high-grade asphalt to improve the durability of your parking lot.

5. Cost

Another key factor to keep in mind when picking pavement management services is price. Maintenance companies should provide detailed quotes for the commercial parking lot repair. Compare the different estimates to obtain a fair base valuation to work with.

6. Proper Equipment

Identifying the corrective measures for your asphalt or concrete parking lot may necessitate the use of advanced equipment to meet the needs of the project. Pavement maintenance companies often utilize sophisticated technology such as automated crack detection, radar systems, and grip testers to identify defects on your pavements that require attention.

7. Reputation

You may need to find out what other clients say about their services. Read through comments, reviews, and testimonials on the client website to identify their work ethic. Additionally, you may need to check online review sites to find out what to expect by enlisting their pavement management services.

Proper maintenance of your asphalt or concrete paving is critical to the success of your business. For pavement management services that you can trust, reach out to Pavement Exchange.