The United States has over 2.6 million miles of paved roads, and more than 94% of them are surfaced with asphalt. It’s safe to say that asphalt paving has completely transformed the country’s landscape. This transformation has taken place over a long time, and you will be surprised at just how much asphalt paving has changed over time. In this article, we explore the history of asphalt paving to get you up to speed.

Asphalt Paving Dates Back to the BC Era

Asphalt dates back as far as 625 BC, and evidence of this has been recorded. However, asphalt wasn’t a completely new phenomenon back then. It was typically used as a building material, but apparently, the builders of that time also realized its use in road construction. This was something that was first discovered by the Greeks.

Actually, the world asphalt is derived from “asphatos,” which is a Greek term that means to keep secure. So, you could say the Greeks were the real pioneers of asphalt paving.

Technology Has Revolutionized Asphalt Paving

As mentioned, asphalt has come a long way, and even today, asphalt roads continue their transformation spurred on by technology. For instance, asphalt pavement installation has become faster and more streamlined.

The process of removing old asphalt or concrete before a new asphalt installation project can now be done using new hydraulic technology instead of a road saw. Asphalt installation projects can now be completed using after and newer machines like motor graders with automatic grade and slope control designed to reduce human error and create high-quality asphalt surfaces.

In addition, the presence of asphalt testing facilities means one can purchase asphalt with the right mix to suit the climate of your area and to confirm its quality.

Asphalt Maintenance Services Are Now More Sophisticated

Technology has also played a big role in the repair and maintenance of asphalt paving. Today, asphalt maintenance services now include preventative maintenance that’s designed to lengthen the life of asphalt pavement. This makes asphalt paving a cost-effective option in the long run.

We hope you have had fun learning about how asphalt has evolved over the years. The key takeaway here is that asphalt is increasingly becoming a better option that’s worth your while. If you’re in the market for some asphalt maintenance services, we are right here to provide you with a quality product and quality services, so get in touch!