The Benefits of A Well-Maintained Exterior

A well-maintained exterior is based on periodic improvements to keep up the exterior appearance of the property. We would like to draw the attention of your Property Manager to a showcase of “before” and “after” photos of various projects. Implicitly, we are also saying that an attractive exterior implies a quality level that will be matched inside the business, as well.

Benefits To The Sub-Contractor:

Subcontractors save time and money when working with the Pavement Exchange Group, LLC. By not having to make sales calls or submit proposals, their time is freed to focus on their trade. We feel that efficiency is achieved by taking care of the communication between the subcontractor and the customer, enabling both parties to conduct their businesses.

* The subcontractor can concentrate on execution of projects and avoids administrative and sales distractions by delegating that to us.

* The subcontractor does not have to deal with cold calls.

We pride ourselves on cultivating business partners, which means subcontractors get paid quickly and are assured that our clients are A-List clientele.