Henry Miller


Henry Miller

Founder & Managing Partner

I graduated from Northern State University with a degree in Business Administration with the emphasis on Economics in 1973. I began my early career in the grain business, working for Multi-National companies, as well as some of the USA Agricultural Stalwarts Pillsbury and Con-Agra. I matriculated to the pavement business in 1993 when my wife was employed by a cold patch asphalt producer.

Within weeks, I determined that while the company had a great idea, they had deficiencies in the business model. My wife, Mary, and I started our own company by literally filling potholes out of the back of our mini-van. Within three years, we were a fully licensed general contractor in NC/SC, doing interior and exterior up fits to restaurants and shopping centers, as well as managing the asphalt process for these same customers. Eventually, we had offices in GA and NC, self-performing sealcoating, rejuvenation and sub-contracting paving and concrete.

In 2004, we formed Pavement Exchange Group and now have offices in Charlotte, NC, Pittsboro, NC, Little Rock, AR, St. Augustine, FL, Mesa, AZ, and Dallas, TX. Our emphasis going forward is to grow the business through increasing sales by customizing solutions that help the customer grow their business profitably, as well. When not working, I enjoy the company of my wife on trips around the USA and overseas, and of course precious time with my nine grandkids.