Who is PEG?

The Pavement Exchange Group is an Asphalt and Concrete Paving Service Outsourcing Company. We are a service-focused business, specializing in commercial pavement. With over 1,200 contractors in our database, we at the Pavement Exchange Group can offer a wide variety of asphalt technicians to execute any job, whether it be new pavement or repair.


What are PMPs?

The PMPs are a group of elite paving contractors that are strategically involved in major metro areas that we work with at a very granular level for asphalt and concrete installation. They are very responsive to our clients and in turn we assist them with sales and marketing efforts. The PMPs are “preferred,” not “exclusive”. They have to earn and maintain that status as we constantly vet their processes and competitiveness.

PMP Mission Statement

We believe that by developing partnerships with our fellow industry tradesmen through mentorship, support and open communication, we are able to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing that there needs are being addressed by a collaborative team. Our goal is to strengthen the industry with integrity and transparency.