About Us


We believe in the importance of developing partnerships with our fellow industry tradesmen through mentorship, support and open communication. In this way, we are also able to provide our clients with peace of mind. Our customers know that their needs are being addressed by a collaborative team. Our goal is to strengthen the industry with integrity and transparency.



The Pavement Exchange Group is an asphalt and concrete paving service outsourcing company. We are a service-focused business, specializing in commercial pavement. With over 1,200 contractors in our database, we  can offer a wide variety of professionals to execute any pavement job.



The PMPs, or Preferred Member Partners, are a group of elite paving contractors that are strategically involved in major metro areas. We work with these companies at a very granular level for asphalt and concrete installation. As our partners, they are very responsive to our clients and in turn, we assist them with sales and marketing efforts. The PMPs are preferred, not exclusive. Each member must earn and maintain their status status. Members’ processes and competitiveness are regulated regularly.


Our core values define Pavement Exchange and how we operate. We strive to embody these values centered around transparency, pro-activeness, and quality. We are proud to stand behind them!


1. Understand what the customer wants.

  • We only get ONE chance to make a first impression- Let’s make it a Good One!
  • Get Facts by Asking Questions and Listen!
  • Our responses and written word should be concise and directly to the point. Less is More make it count.
  • Ascertain that the customers’ expectations are reasonable and attainable so that is a fit for all stakeholders.
  • Agree and assign a team member to take responsibility for communication
  • Customize solutions for the customers, we are not cookie cutter, but we are problem solvers.

2. Have an unwavering commitment to quality.

    • Speed never trumps quality.
    • Take the time to do things correctly.
    • Remember measure twice and cut one.
    • Assess, take-action, follow up and Document!
    • Be Professional – Reputation outweighs Profit – EVERY TIME!

3. Be a fanatic about response time.

  • Be Professional and set realistic expectations and then do what you say you are going to do.

4. Always act for the greater good of the team.

  • Do what is expected of you and assist your teammates to accomplish tasks.
  • You can get what you want by helping others get what they want.
  • Always act for the greater good of the Organization.
  • Seek balance in your lifestyle and your work-life! Fulfillment in Each Important!

5. Communicate Transparently with unwavering candor and respect.

  • Commitment to Excellence through clear communication with all stakeholders inside and outside of our organization.
  • Problem Solving Approach through collaborations with customers, vendors and employee’s not through competition or Self-Interest!
  • Be open and honest (Integrity is our Cornerstone)
  • We have a fiduciary relationship with customers and contractors to not discuss their strategy or processes outside of Pavement Exchange Group.

6. Practice blameless problem solving.

  • Get the facts, agree upon a solution, then implement and DOCUMENT all steps of the solution.
  • Treat Others the way you expect to be treated. Be open and respectful of other opinions and perspective.
  • Demand Results- but be fair in how you exact those results and NEVER be Condescending or Rude

7. Assure positive intent when resolving issues, challenges and seeking solutions.

  • Team – Oriented Approach (FOCUS) Follow one Course Until Success!
  • Input is encouraged and appreciated.
  • Disagreement may sway the team to modify or eliminate a long-held consensus by reexamining it from a new perspective respectfully and welcomingly.
  • State Issues Succinctly and Correctly
    Agree to the solution and have everyone “rowing” in the same direction to accomplish and complete the solution.

Core Focus

Purpose / Cause / Passion

Integrity and Communication to be the best in the Pavement Industry

Our Niche: “We are in the paving business, so you do not have to be” Achieved by Identifying & Fixing Pavement Issues, Forecasting Future Costs, Freedom for Other Things!