Before shoppers walk into grocery stores or big box retailers, they first walk over their parking lots. In many ways, those parking lots make the first impression on shoppers. It’s incredibly important that they not only look their best but perform to the best of their abilities. But it’s incredibly easy for parking lots to experience damage that grows over time if they are not properly maintained.

About 90% of all parking lots are surfaced with asphalt pavement, though concrete and other materials can be used. While these materials do last a significant amount of time, they also experience wear and tear over the years. Remember that not only are they regularly walked over and downtrodden; they’re also constantly experiencing pressure applied by vehicles. This is why it’s so important that parking lots undergo proper asphalt maintenance services. However, some business owners choose to put off these services, in part because they wish to save money. In the long term, this can actually cause more severe damage and incur more serious costs. With that being said, let’s explore some of the reasons why business owners should invest in commercial parking lot repair services on a regular basis.

1. Appearance

It certainly doesn’t reflect well on a business owner when their parking lot is in poor condition. In fact, some shoppers may pass a store by entirely and move on to a more appealing alternative if its exterior, parking lot included, is poorly maintained. A poor appearance may suggest a lack of safety or care. This is just one reason why asphalt maintenance services are crucial for business owners.

Another reason why business owners need to conduct regular maintenance for their parking lots is other business owners may be similarly affected by the appearance of neighboring stores. If one store has a pristine parking lot while the closest parking lot is covered in cracks and potholes, it’s easy for both businesses to suffer the consequences of one parking lot being poorly maintained. This can cause tension between neighboring business owners, to the point that legal action may be taken. Therefore, business owners who want to keep the peace and show respect to their neighbors should work with a professional pavement maintenance company.

2. Risk of Injury

Legal action from a neighboring business owner over a parking lot’s appearance could be the least of your worries if you don’t work with pavement management services. It’s all too easy for pedestrians to be injured when walking across a poorly maintained parking lot. When a parking lot is in bad shape, it’s often uneven and sometimes even unstable. Therefore, pedestrians making their way to the store can easily trip, fall, and injure themselves. This is particularly common among young children and senior citizens, both of whom are particularly vulnerable to injuries.

These injured parties can potentially take legal action against business owners who haven’t worked with asphalt maintenance services to prevent hazardous conditions. If a business owner is found responsible for such injuries, they may need to pay for medical bills, among other things. Obviously, this can also affect the reputation of a business at large.

3. Risk of Vehicular Damage

Another major reason why asphalt maintenance services must be utilized properly is that vehicles are at risk of being damaged when they drive over poorly maintained parking lots. Deep cracks in the pavement and pits can cause a car to experience instability, and can even damage its tires.

Therefore, not only do parking lots need to be well-maintained; they also need to be evenly paved in the first place. Some commercial paving projects are not initially well-executed, in part because business owners work with amateurish companies. A business owner should work with a third party to help match them with qualified contractors for the best results.

Parking lots reflect how much a business owner cares about their store’s appearance, as well as how much they care about the safety of their customers. Regular maintenance must be undertaken in order to ensure that parking lots are in the best possible condition. Furthermore, business owners must consult with asphalt and concrete paving facilitators before beginning new projects.